We are a London based film company, making independent films outside the studio system. We make features, shorts, TV and trailers in different genres like thrillers, comedies, and dramas.


We have experinece working with low budgets, shooting on film, digital video, HD, RED and DLSR. We have produced work by Ashvin-Kumar Joshi and Clive Ashenden. We have worked with the actors Benjamin Green, Emily Booth, Matt Stokes, Catherine Adams, Marysia Kay, and Andrew Lawden. We have worked with great technicians like Richard J. Wood, Max Somerset, Nikos Pandis, Jon H. Orten, Matteo Prezioso, Brendan Lonergan, Virginia Popova, Marcelo Fossé, Rob Wickings and many more.


Our passion is film and we strive to continue to make high quality films!